Basic Instructions & Materials List

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Basic Materials List

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    Table & Light

    When building your models, you’ll want a smooth well lit surface to work on.  Bright lights help you to see the fine details.

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    Ink Jet Printer

    We highly recommend using an inkjet printer.  We have found that the print lasts longer over time, and can be folded without splitting apart, unlike laser printers.  Make sure your printer is suitable for cardstock paper.

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    Cardstock Paper

    We recommend using cardstock paper when printing your downloads.  Cardstock will help the model last longer and doesn’t easily rip when being put together.

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    A pair of high quality craft scissors are recommended for cutting straight edges on the model template.

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    Pencil / Pen

    You may need a pen or pencil to trace parts of a model onto another paper.  Keep it handy just in case.

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    Clear Ruler

    Any ruler you can see through will help you when folding your paper model on the correct edges.  It will also help you ensure you fold a straight line.

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    Gorilla Glue

    Please use Blue Top Gorilla Glue to fasten glue tabs after pre-sitting the vehicle’s pieces together.

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    Scotch Tape

    Scotch Tape is recommended instead of glue for final bottom piece assembly.  (This is the absolute last part of assembling your vehicle where you fit the bottom together underneath)